Mrs Brown’s Boys star Gary Hollywood and wife expecting second baby after miscarriage: ‘This is our rainbow’

Scottish actor Gary Hollywood and his wife Cherlyanne have some seriously happy news to share – they’re expanding their clan with another beautiful baby!

Just over four years on from the arrival of their adorable son Ollie, Cherylanne, 35, and 44 year old Gary – who famously starred as Dino Doyle in Mrs. Brown’s Boys – are thrilled to exclusively announce to OK! that they have another bundle of joy on the way.

“Ollie is so excited to be a big brother,” said Cherylanne, who is currently 16 weeks pregnant. “Although he’s rooting for a sister. I think it’s because he doesn’t want to share his toys.

“He said I’ve to eat pink food to help,” she laughed.

Gary and Cherylanne Hollywood are expanding their family
Gary and Cherylanne Hollywood are expanding their family

The couple, who tied the knot five years ago in a surprise wedding ceremony and now live in Glasgow, plan to find out the gender in just a matter of weeks, with name ideas following shortly after.

And while any baby is undoubtedly exciting news to any expecting parents, for Gary – who is also dad to Jack, Zach and Charlie – and Cherylanne it’s even more precious.

Last year the couple sadly miscarried their second child and discovered the heartbreaking news at their 12 week scan. But, as Gary quite rightly points out, this little bundle of joy is their “rainbow.”

The couple tied the knot five years ago
The couple tied the knot five years ago

“This news has just made up our year,” the TV star explained. “We couldn’t be happier.”

Cherylanne continued: “We found out we were expecting just after my birthday in February, we are just over the moon. We’ve been trying again for a while.

“After I miscarried I said that we wouldn’t do it again, but I think that was just the process of healing. I went into my twelve week scan feeling excited but leaving with absolute devastation. So, this time around I do often think about something going wrong but I’m also not trying to wish this time away. It’s definitely a mixture of emotions – but we couldn’t be more thrilled.”

But as for pregnancy symptoms and cravings, this time around after having baby Ollie in 2020 feels completely different for Cherylanne.

After a heartbreaking miscarriage, they are expecting again
After a heartbreaking miscarriage, they are expecting again

“This pregnancy – compared to when I was carrying Ollie – feels very different though. I’ve been really nauseous and tired, which I never was with Ollie. I’ve also got a bit of a sweet tooth and I’m eating ice cream every night,” she laughed.

And, of course, Gary can’t have Cherylanne indulging on her own – it would only “be rude” he joked to OK!

Going through such a devastating experience would be a difficult hurdle for anyone to handle – but with a supportive spouse at their side, Cherlyanne and Gary can tackle anything in life together.

“It’s given us so much respect and understanding for other people who’ve gone through what we went through. Thankfully we now have a happy story to tell and another addition to our family,” Gary explained.

Congratulations to the Hollywood family!

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