Popular Spanish holiday spot rated world’s most targeted by travel scams

With the build up to full-on holiday season, many people will be busy with plans for their big summer break.

British tourists have been warned to be careful as holiday booking scams are on the rise and some popular destinations, such as Spain, have been targeted by scammers. According to Action Fraud, British holidaymakers lost over £12m to scams last year with fake accommodation listings and false social media adverts some of the most common scams, reports The Express.

In a warning, Vonny Gamot, of computer security company McAfee, said: “Staying alert and taking early and proactive steps to manage your security, privacy and online identity is extremely important as we head into the peak summer holiday season.” He added: “If a deal sounds too good to be true, it’s best to avoid clicking; instead, go direct to the source and book with reputable companies.

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  • “Additionally, with the use of AI, scams are becoming even more sophisticated, making it harder for consumers to tell what’s real and what isn’t online. Traditional hallmarks of scams, such as misspelled words and poor grammar, are becoming a thing of the past but one crucial telltale sign remains – a pressure to act fast.

    “Is it your last chance to buy tickets? Is there a ‘huge deal’ for one day only? Cyber-criminals use this tactic to try and catch you with your guard down.” Here is a countdown list of destinations most likely to be used by scammers to lure in British holidaymakers, says The Express.

    10 – Dublin

    The Irish capital was one of the most common destinations used by scammers to catch out unsuspecting Brits. It’s no surprise it was a popular choice with criminals as it’s a top holiday destination from the UK.

    9 – New York

    The US hotspot is popular destination used by scammers. Experts warn tourists to look out for deals that look too good to be true – as they often are.

    8 – Dubai

    The UAE city was named as Tripadvisor’s best destination so many Brits are searching for a holiday there. Unfortunately scammers have used this to create false holiday listings for the destination.

    7 – Maldives

    This is a luxury destination and it can be hard to find a deal to the idyllic islands. Therefore, if you see a deal that looks like incredibly good value, make sure to check whether it’s a real advert.

    6 – Bangkok

    The Thailand capital can be a fantastic destination for those looking for delicious cuisine, bustling nightlife and interesting culture. It’s also a top destination targeted by scammers so make sure to check whether a holiday listing is real before booking.

    5 – Albufeira

    The city is one of the top destinations on the Portugeuse Algarve and it’s unfortunately a target for scammers. If a listing seems dodgy, search the images on Google to see if they’ve been stolen from a real hotel listing.

    4 – Valletta

    The capital of Malta is a reliable destination for winter sun so it’s often searched by British holidaymakers. Fake listings make try to push holidaymakers into making a booking so if something seems dodgy, be careful.

    3 – Ibiza

    This is Spain’s premier destination for partying but unfortunately it’s also frequently used by scammers to trick holidaymakers. Watch out for poor grammar in ads as this often indicates a scammer.

    2 – Berlin

    The capital of Germany was one of the top destinations used by scammers to trick British tourists. Is a company pressuring you to act quickly? It could be a scam.

    1 – Benidorm

    This is one of the UK’s top destinations and unfortunately it’s also the holiday hotspot most used by scammers. Watch out for deals that seem to good to be true and choose package holidays that are ABTA and ATOL protected.

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