Romeo Miller Details Intensive ‘Healing Process’ After Suffering Spinal and Neck Injuries From Car Accident

Romeo Miller shocked his Instagram followers with pictures from the hospital after being injured in a car accident earlier this year.

Miller, the son of rapper and business mogul Master P, shared images from the hospital to his Instagram Stories on Monday.

“Time for the good stuff,” he wrote.

Another post showed six bandages placed on Miller’s neck while he detailed the results of the accident. “After not being able to walk this past weekend. Back to get spinal/neck work. Thought I was done with procedures but was assured this healing process of getting a fully healthy neck and back after my accident will be a marathon,” he wrote.

He then asked his “fam and friends” to extend patience to him, assuring them that while he wasn’t able to text back during his procedure that, “today was a success.”

“And I’m good and resting now,” he continued. “Onward and upward!”

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