ScHoolboy Q Insists Top Dawg Isn’t Behind Kendrick Lamar and SZA Album Delays

Q said the reason why TDE artists take so long to drop albums is because they have a “mental illness” and worry too much about perfection.

“I think we just cuckoo in the head, bruh and I think we all got similarities and it shows,” he continued. “[Isaiah Rashad] didn’t drop in five years; I didn’t drop in five years; SZA didn’t drop in five years; Dot didn’t drop in five years; it done hit five for [Jay] Rock, you know what I’m saying? We have something in common and it’s not Top. I don’t see how he gains anything from doing that.”

Q also said he would never sit on an album for five years… unless it was his choice.

“We gonna be arguing like a muthafucka if you making me wait five years between albums and it’s not be my choice. I’m 37 with kids and shit,” he said. “[Tiffith] doesn’t gain nothing for that. We have a fuckin’ a mental illness—everybody on that label. I think we got caught up in trying to perfect shit, a little bit. I think we took a little too long.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Schoolboy Q admitted that early in the group’s formation, Top pushed his artists to think about making high quality music. “I ain’t gonna lie, at the beginning, Top did push us hard, like, nah, we need hits. At the beginning, he was on us. But he wasn’t saying push the album back,’ he explained.

You can check out the full interview below.

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