Shaughna Phillips shares incredible weight loss snaps in update after health scare

Shaughna Phillips has shown off the results of her incredible health journey after working to get in a “better place” with her mental and physical health.

The Love Island star, who has recently opened up about being a single mum, took to Instagram to give her 1.4 million followers a peek inside the journey she’s been on as she posted a before and after photo which showed off the physical results of her transformation.

In one snap, Shaughna, 30, wore a green swimsuit as she posed for a picture to show off the ‘before’ from her journey while in the second she lifted up a grey T-shirt to show off the ‘after’ results – admitting that she was “shocked” at what she’d achieved.

Shaughna Phillips
Shaughna Phillips has opened up about getting into a “better place” both mentally and physically

“So this has been happening… I’ll be honest even I’m shocked So glad I’ve been taking pictures because honestly, when I look in the mirror, I don’t see any difference, your mind is your biggest enemy sometimes!.

“And although being accused of editing your pictures when you actually haven’t is the biggest compliment EVER, I haven’t edited the pic on the right, so I thought I’d include the actual Live Photo just for any doubters.”

The TV personality added that the results hadn’t happened “overnight” and that it was still a work in progress, though she was feeling proud of herself for what she had managed to achieve so far.

“I’ve been trying for a while to get into a better place with my health, mental and physical, so I must admit I am feeling b****y proud of myself today. I’ve spoken openly about struggling with my body image since I was a little girl (breaks my heart to even say that), so to be told I was seriously overweight at a doctors appointment wasn’t great,” she continued.

Shaughna shared two photos from her journey so far
Shaughna shared two photos from her journey so far

“This hasn’t been overnight, and I still have a way to go. The truth is, there has been weeks where I have found it so easy, and then there’s been months when I’ve seen no change, so I’m really trying to find what works for me, and I think I’m nearly there

“Today definitely feels like a win. Although I only have one pair of jeans that fit me now so my bank car is taking it as a loss.”

In response, the social media star’s followers were quick to flood the comments with messages of support.

“You look beautiful in both but so much happier in the second,” wrote one. “Beautiful before, beautiful, stronger now. Still the same soul. Let’s not forget that. Xxx,” another added.

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “I’m glad you’re feeling more aligned with your goals”.

Shaughna explained that getting to where she is now "hasn’t been overnight"
Shaughna explained that getting to where she is now “hasn’t been overnight”

Shaughna’s amazing news comes after she revealed that she’d been told that she was “obese” by doctors earlier this year.

Despite saying that the news hadn’t come as a “shock”, she explained that it was “scary” to hear it coming from a medical professional, especially since she is now a mum to one year old Lucia.

“They told me that I was obese,” she said. “It isn’t a shock but it’s never nice to hear and the following the checkups that I had done they said I had quite a lot of visceral fat around my organs.”

She added: “I’m a mum now and it shook me to my core. I know I’m not the picture of health but I didn’t realise things were actually that bad and it’s kinda scary to hear it from, like, a medical professional.”

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