Simon Cowell still considers Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh ‘really good friends’ after CBB swipe

Simon Cowell has vowed to mend his relationship with Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh after their swipes at him during Celebrity Big Brother launched a feud between Sharon and Amanda Holden.

The music mogul has broken his silence after Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda branded the two former X Factor judges “bitter and pathetic” over what they had said about Simon.

Sharon accused Simon of ‘cutting people off’, claiming he did not know how to keep friends. 

Louis admitted he hasn’t spoken to Simon in years and accused him of going behind his back to upstage him by bringing Beyonce on as his guest performer on the X Factor.

Now Simon has insisted that he still considers Sharon and Louis “good friends” and revealed his plans to extend an olive branch to them.

Charity Performance of 'Billy Elliot the Musical' in Aid of the Place2be at the Victoria Palace Theatre Simon Cowell Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh
Simon Cowell has vowed to mend his relationship with Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh

Amanda came to Simon's defence
Amanda came to Simon’s defence

He told the Mirror: “I still consider Sharon and Louis really good friends, we could pick up the phone to each other tomorrow. I think that’s probably one of the things they’re upset about because they can never get hold of me.

“Amanda is a great friend, but I really do believe Sharon and Louis are great friends as well. I don’t have a phone but from what I heard, what they said about me was actually quite funny. And I probably will phone them both in the next week or so because I haven’t spoken to them for a while and it sounds like I should do.

“What would I like to say to them? ‘How are you?’ Whenever I meet them, see them, speak to them, it’s like we’ve spoken yesterday. My honest opinion is I think we miss each other.”

During Sharon’s time on the show, she told Louis: “That’s Simon, he cuts you off, cuts you off, cuts you off.

“He doesn’t know how to keep friends. Why do you think I am so f****** mad with Simon because remember that year you and I were contracted to do X Factor and it was the first year of The Masked Singer in America and they asked me to do it and I said I can’t because of X Factor with Simon.

“So then they cast it and then when Simon, well he didn’t call, but they called and said ‘No you’re not doing it [X Factor]’. I missed a huge gig. So I was furious.”

Simon sits with Sharon and Louis on the XFactor
Simon has insisted that he still considers Sharon and Louis “good friends” and revealed he plans to extend an olive branch to them

Sharon and Louis in the diary room
Sharon and Louis were reunited on Celebrity Big Brother

Amanda came out to defend Simon, saying: “I hated seeing certain people in a reality show dissing Simon – he’s the person who’s given them all the chances, given them a lot of money and a lifestyle they probably wouldn’t have had.

“It was bitter and pathetic. It was like Cinderella with her two sisters in the background – just stabby, stabby, stabby.”

But Sharon hit back on Twitter: “Our worlds are totally different. I have been blessed with an amazing lifestyle throughout my entire life.

“Before you were born, I was living in a mansion in Beverly Hills and continue to do so today and continue to have my country estate in England as well. But there is something you should know. I never discuss money, lifestyle or positions of power. I find it to be classless and crude.”

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