Skilla Baby Briefly Stops Concert After Man Inappropriately Rubs His Chest

Skilla Baby had to shut it down after he was groped during a recent concert.

The Detroit rapper had a recent performance that went viral in a recording that showed him being inappropriately rubbed on the chest and abdomen by a male audience member. Ironically, Skilla was performing his song “Bae” while shirtless, which the man probably misinterpreted as an invite to get handsy.

Skilla responded as peacefully as he could while putting the man on notice. “I don’t go no disrespect toward you, bro. I don’t even go that way,” he said in the clip below. “I appreciate you, bro. But I don’t do that.”

View news Source: https://www.complex.com/music/a/jaelaniturnerwilliams/skilla-baby-stops-concert

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