Sky Sports star Charlie Webster, 41, in tears as she reveals she suffered miscarriage amid five rounds of IVF

Sky Sports presenter Charlie Webster has bravely opened up about her recent miscarriage heartache. After enduring five IVF attempts, Charlie shared her personal loss for the first time on Lorraine, saying that she had hoped to be sharing happier news during the promotion of her new book, Why It’s OK to Talk About Trauma: How to Make Sense of the Past and Grow Through the Pain.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly, she shared: “I did get pregnant. I ended up having a miscarriage very recently.” She had planned to announce her pregnancy coinciding with her book release, saying: “I was going to announce the pregnancy during the book’s release, so I would’ve been sat here telling you this great news.”

Charlie Webster
Charlie Webster talked to Lorraine about her miscarriage

Charlie also discussed the challenges of conceiving later in life due to her “biological clock” and expressed her concerns that motherhood might not be in her future. Reflecting on societal pressures, she admitted, “I’ve not ever spoke about it, and I’m glad you brought it up, because I’m 41, I feel like for so long I was told not to get pregnant.”

She touched upon the conflict between career aspirations and fertility, stating: “My mum had me at a very young age. We’re told to get our education, which is really important, and we’re pushed into career now.”

Despite her achievements and encouraging other women to pursue their goals, she warned: “But there is a warning here, that is important because I’m in this situation now where I’m like, ‘How did this happen? Nobody informed me that it’s actually hard to get pregnant. I don’t think this is going to happen for me.’

Charlie Webster
Charlie Webster during a 3000 mile charity cycle

“It’s not because there’s something wrong with me. It is because of my biological age, and I know that’s scary for us, as women, to go, ‘No, there’s not a biological clock. Women can do anything, we can have it all.’ But I actually think that’s really irresponsible. It’s another lie. It is true. Society has changed so much, which I’m so grateful for, but biological clock hasn’t. It is real.”

Speaking about her experience with five rounds of IVF, she added: “It’s horrific. We don’t talk about that ever.”

Charlie’s book, Why It’s OK to Talk About Trauma: How to Make Sense of the Past and Grow Through the Pain has the journalist exploring what trauma is, how trauma impacts us mentally, emotionally and physically, and why our past experiences influence our day-to-day behaviours.

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