Soulja Boy Calls 21 Savage a ‘B*tch’ and Disses Meek Mill After Apologizing for Comments About Metro Boomin’s Late Mother

“A n***a ain’t gonna play with this shit, bro,” he continued. “And 21, you still a bitch, fuck you talking about? … I just didn’t like what I said about the Metro shit, I ain’t gonna lie, that was kinda… I look back at that shit and I was like, ‘Damn, that was kind of fucked up.’ But 21 you still a bitch, n***a. Fuck you, n***a, this ain’t have nothing to do with you, pussy n***a. I ain’t say sorry ’cause of you, pussy boy. I said sorry ’cause of myself, n***a. You still a bitch, n***a. Still slapping the fuck out you, n***a.”

After taking aim at 21 Savage, who questioned the threat Soulja Boy made when he demanded Metro Boomin delete his old tweet, he turned his attention to Meek Mill, who suggested the “Crank That” rapper was chasing “clout” and had lost touch with reality.

“And Meek Mill, mind your fucking business,” he said. “Ain’t Diddy playing in your bootyhole, pussy boy? Huh? Ain’t Diddy fucking you in your ass, n***a? … 21, where you at, n***a?”

Back in 2012, Metro shared a tweet that read, “My phone rings to come to the studio with Jeezy. Yours rings to send Soulja Boy a pack of beats. Sit down.” The tweet resurfaced recently, which is what prompted a fiery response from Soulja Boy.

“Fuck is you talking about, Metro Groomin?” Soulja said in response. “You was lit about going to the studio with Jeezy, bitch ass boy? Stop playing with me. I had a number one in 2007 when I was 17, fuck n***a. You was still in elementary school. You was in middle school, boy.” He later tweeted “Happy mothers day” at Metro Boomin, referring to the producer’s late mother who was killed in a murder-suicide in 2022. “Dig that n***a mama up and throw her back in that bitch … This make y’all made huh? I’m smoking mama metro in a fat ass wood rn.”

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