Stephen Mulhern reveals his ‘most important’ relationships – strong women, huge inspiration and biggest love

Stephen Mulhern has opened up on his life, including the relationships that are ‘most important’ to him, who he’s inspired by and his biggest love. The 47 year old has long been on our screens, having featured on shows such as Britain’s Got Talent spin-off Britain’s Got More Talent, the latter of which is no longer on our screens. But, in 2024, Stephen made his debut as presenter of ITV’s Dancing on Ice, alongside Holly Willoughby, after the departure of Phillip Schofield from programme.

Speaking exclusively to OK!, Stephen, who is currently rumoured to be romancing Josie Gibson, spoke about his closest celebrity pals in the industry, with Holly Willoughby and Emma Willis, as well as Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, being the people he says he can call to talk about anything.

Stephen Mulhern has opened up on his life in a new chat with OK!
Stephen Mulhern has opened up about his personal life in a chat with OK!

He says: “There’s something about being live and this is where it comes down to trust on-screen. Ant and Dec and I have known each other for 27 years. I was doing CITV and they were doing SM:TV Live and we would cross over and do things together but also, where I live I can walk to the boys houses in 5 minutes.

“Our friendship off-screen is just as wonderful as on-screen, we support each other, we’re there for each other.”

“It’s funny because I’ve only got a very small network of celeb friends. There’s myself, Ant, Dec, Holly Willoughby and Emma Willis. They’re my people and if they ever needed advice we can all phone each other and go ‘look, tell us what’s going on’.

Stephen now presents ITV's Dancing on Ice alongside his pal, Holly Willoughby
Stephen now presents ITV’s Dancing on Ice alongside his pal, Holly Willoughby

Stephen counts Emma Willis amongst his closest pals
Stephen counts Emma Willis amongst his closest pals

“You can do a show with a performer or a presenter or an actress and you say that classic ‘oh we’ll definitely stay in touch’ and within a couple of months you don’t hear anything.”

Stephen continued: “It’s also so important to have friends outside the entertainment industry, too. That’s why your family is so great, they’ll be honest and tell you if something wasn’t a bit great and will question why you said or did something. At least you’re hearing it from the people you care about.”

Stephen is a big family man, as he cited his parents as his biggest inspiration, revealing that Covid made him realise just how important they are to him.

The TV star divulges: “My dad always says, and I’m very much guided by my dad. My parents, without fail, as I said I’ve got two brothers and a sister, we’re such a close family, we all stick together, but my parents overall are for me, the most important people in my life.

“Of course my brothers and sister are too, but my parents I care for a lot. I see them a lot, especially after Covid, there comes a point where you think ‘I need to spend more time with you.’ We can work every day of the week but I need to make some time. My dad always says ‘look, if you’re always telling the truth, you’ll never be caught out.’ If you’re asked a question, answer it and don’t tell a lie, because if you tell a lie, they’ll find you out and it’s game over.”

ITV This Morning's Josie Gibson breaks cover for first time amid Stephen Mulhern 'romance'
This Morning’s Josie Gibson is reportedly a new love interest of Stephen’s

Stephen has recently hit the headlines with rumours of a romance with his fellow ITV star Josie Gibson. The pair sent the rumour mill into overdrive when they were spotted holding hands outside a television studio on Saturday, 13 April, as they filmed a feature for the last ever episode of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, which came to an end after 20 years on-air.

Josie, 39, added fuel to the fire as she later told MailOnline: “I’m in love with Stephen Mulhern. There you go.” However, she then added: “But story of my life, I don’t think he loves me.”

At the time of writing that article, OK! contacted Josie and Stephen’s reps for comment.

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