Strictly Come Dancing’s Gorka Marquez shares joy over new judging role

He’s a legend on the Strictly dance floor, but in a new show, Gorka Márquez has swapped the UK for Spain, and dancing for judging.

Talking to OK! about the return of reality show, Gemma and Gorka: Life Behind the Lens, Gorka has revealed his new role that has been keeping him away from home.

He’s been filming for the Spanish version of Dancing With The Stars where instead of being one of the pro dancers, he sits on the judging panel.

Gorka said: “It’s fun to be working in Spain. This is my first TV job in Spain. It’s nice to be judging. I feel like Anton Du Beke because I know how it feels to be in that situation. I try to help them and be encouraging. The last thing you need is someone telling you how bad you are if they don’t tell you anything positive.”

Gorka is a judge on Spain's dancing competition
Gorka is a judge on Spain’s dancing competition

While Gorka has been away filming in Spain, his fiancée, Gemma Atkinson has been at home in Manchester with their two children, Mia, four and Thiago, who is nine months old.

But there is a plan for the family to spend more time in Spain.

Gemma said: “We want to get somewhere so that we always have a home from home. It would help me with my and their Spanish, and Gorka’s parents could drive down. It’s something we’re hoping to do by the end of this year.”

Gemma and Gorka are hoping to buy a second home out in Spain
Gemma and Gorka are hoping to buy a second home out in Spain

All of their plans will be seen in the UKTV series and while it features their celebrity lifestyles at fashion shoots, awards ceremonies and TV appearances, it never doesn’t shy away from the reality of having two young children and two bouncy dogs.

“There is more poop in this one!” laughs Gemma. “That’s what new mums need to see. I would hate as a new mum to sit and watch this family looking pristine with the house spotless and everything in its place.

“I’d be thinking, ‘Oh b****r off! That’s not normal.’ We’ve kind of stuck to the same rules as we had for series one in that we don’t want any glam team, we don’t want any hair and make-up and or any lighting. We just want it natural, raw and honest.”

Gemma and Gorka talk about possibly expanding their family on the show
Gemma and Gorka talk about possibly expanding their family on the show

Having only had Thiago nine months ago, do Gemma and Gorka think there are any more children on the cards?

“God no, we don’t want more kids than we’ve got hands,” laughs Gemma. “You need to be able to grab them. We always wanted two and we’ve been blessed with two, a boy and a girl. Although I do miss the newborn phase already – you know when you pick them up and they curl into a little prawn? I do miss that a little bit but then I don’t miss being woken up every one and a half hours!”

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