Suge Knight Calls Drake’s “Taylor Made Freestyle” a ‘Bad Look,’ Says Snoop Dogg Was Part of 2Pac’s ‘Downfall’

“Then putting him on a song with Snoop, who was a part of his downfall and exit, ain’t ever a good look,” Knight added. “‘Pac was a king on that chessboard. He never was a pawn, so he can’t make him be a pawn now.”

Although 2Pac and Snoop were once friends, a rift grew when Snoop showed support for Bad Boy Records at the height of the East Coast-West Coast rap feud in the ’90s.

While Snoop hilariously responded to “Taylor Made Freestyle” on Instagram, also showing their contempt for the song was 2Pac’s brother, Mopreme Shakur, per TMZ. According to the outlet, Shakur believes that Drake’s beef with Lamar should be handled one-on-one and that 2Pac’s likeness was “weaponized.”

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