Suge Knight on Diddy Allegations: ‘It’s a Bad Day for Hip-Hop, a Bad Day for the Culture’

Suge Knight says he didn’t have the reaction he thought he would when he first heard the news of the Diddy allegations.

In an interview with Harvey Levin for TMZ’s new The Downfall of Diddy special on Tubi, Knight, who’s currently in jail in San Diego for voluntary manslaughter, spoke sympathetically about how the allegations may affect Diddy’s family.  

“My first reaction, it’s not the reaction I thought I would have when it came to Puffy,” Knight said. “I though it’d be a reaction like he got what he got coming because everybody know what’s been going on. My reaction was actually different because I felt like, damn. The first thing that came to my mind was he has his sons, he has his daughters. My reaction was first about the kids. The thing is, I feel it’s a bad day for hip-hop, a bad day for the culture. Because it makes us all look bad.”

View news Source: https://www.complex.com/music/a/tracewilliamcowen/suge-knight-diddy-allegations

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