Sunderland told to follow Ipswich Town example with new head coach

Former Sunderland striker Ally McCoist reckons Sunderland would do well to look at Ipswich Town as a model for future progression — and he believes the club need “their own version” of Ipswich boss Kieran McKenna to take them forward.

McCoist earmarked youth, hunger and playing style as the three key components for the Black Cats in their search for a new manager. He played more than 50 games for Sunderland between 1981 and 1983 before going on to appear more than 400 times in a 15-year career with Glasgow Rangers.

“Things clearly didn’t work out with Michael Beale and I think Sunderland need their own version of Kieran McKenna at Ipswich – he’s done a phenomenal job there,” McCoist told talkSPORT BET. “I look at him and wonder whether there’s any other young coaches who could go into Sunderland and galvanise the club.

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“Someone needs to take the club forward because the potential there is incredible. They need a good, young, hungry coach who has his own ideas and will be supported by the board. The fans are crying out for someone to come in that they can get behind, who can take them to the next level, because they’re stuck in the mud at the moment.

“The atmosphere at Sunderland is incredible. I went to the FA Cup game against Newcastle earlier this season and the atmosphere was the best I’ve seen outside of the Old Firm, that is how good it was.”

Looking back at previous managers, McCoist expressed his continued disbelief at the fact that Tony Mowbray was let go by the club earlier this season, emphasising that he believed the former boss was “the man” to take Sunderland forward.

He added: “I thought Tony Mowbray was the man for Sunderland and I still for the life of me can’t understand what happened with him. The season before they were deservedly beaten by Luton in the play-offs and they didn’t start this season poorly. Now I look at them and they need somebody to go in and really galvanise the place.”

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