The Chase’s Jenny Ryan left ‘vulnerable and anxious’ after being robbed in her own home

The Chase‘s Jenny Ryan was visibly upset as she shared her recent experience of being robbed during a distressing interview. The 42 year old quiz whizz, also known as The Vixen, appeared shaken as she recounted the terrifying incident where she fell victim to a heartless scam.

She explained how a man knocked on her door claiming there was a leak in her flat and needed to take some photos, promising it would only take a few minutes.

However, once inside, the man went into Jenny’s bedroom and stole her mobile phone along with some sentimental jewellery. The brave star opened up about the ordeal to Morning Live hosts Gethin Jones and Helen Skelton, admitting she felt “stupid” for letting the man into her home.

Jenny Ryan
Jenny Ryan has opened up about a recent robbery at her home

“It was an ordinary morning and I had a ring on the doorbell, let someone into my block of flats,” Jenny remembered. “He knocked on the door and he told me the building manager was on his way, there’d been a leak, it was to do with the new kitchen – which we did just have a new kitchen fitted, the landlord just put that in.”

She recounted the chilling moment when the man claimed he needed to snap a few photos. “Maybe I questioned it a little bit. But I thought ‘we have had so many people in, it’s a quick job, go on I will let him in’.

“Unfortunately he had some bad intentions, he ended up getting into my bedroom with the door closed and when he left I’d realised he had taken my mobile phone and three pieces of jewellery that had been given to me by my parents for special occasions and are irreplaceable.”

Jenny Ryan
Jenny has appeared on The Chase as The Vixen since 2015

Jenny attempted to locate her phone to contact her landlord and verify if the man was supposed to visit her flat, but it was missing. Helen sympathised with Jenny and inquired about her current state of mind.

“Immediately and still now I feel quite stupid,” she admitted. “I feel gullible that I let this happen. I know I shouldn’t be beating myself up too much as this was a very cunning scam.”

She continued: “He was so credible and he had a very slick story and he looked the part, it only took that second for me to accept he was coming in, and once he was inside it was too late, it would be too dangerous for me to challenge him. I was by myself. So it’s left me feeling quite vulnerable, I’m a bit anxious to be in my flat and be on my own.”

Jenny Ryan
Jenny described how the robber gained access to her home by claiming he needed to fix a leak

Jenny was quick to report the incident to the police via their online portal, but her frustration only grew when she received nothing more than an automated response. She expressed her disappointment: “Unfortunately all I’ve had back from them is an automated email saying that they’re considering whether they’re going to investigate or not.”

She added, detailing her proactive efforts to aid the investigation: “I’ve told them that there are probably fingerprints because he moved furniture, there’s lots of CCTV on my street and I know exactly where he went because I had the phone on tracker.

“What I really wanted was a police officer or someone from the local force to call me and make sure I was ok because it’s a very scary thing, I was feeling very vulnerable.”

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