The Chase’s Jenny Ryan unrecognisable in BBC appearance as fans say ‘blimey!’

The Chase fans were left scratching their heads after spotting quiz queen Jenny Ryan in a throwback episode of BBC’s Only Connect. The brainy bombshell, known as ‘the Vixen’ on ITV’s The Chase, had previously showcased her quizzing prowess by winning the third series of Only Connect back in 2010, according to the Mirror.

Before she became a household name on The Chase, Jenny flexed her intellectual muscles alongside teammates Dave Bill and Alan Gibbs as part of the Gamblers, clinching victory over the Epicureans from the fourth series. The “winners special” episode that aired on Monday 25 February on BBC Two brought back some serious nostalgia.

Jenny Ryan known as 'The Vixen' has been quizzing long before joining The Chase
Jenny Ryan known as ‘The Vixen’ has been quizzing long before joining The Chase

The show’s host, Victoria Coren Mitchell, gave viewers a refresher on who Jenny was, saying: “Jenny: A law graduate who enjoys playing poker and bingo.”

Social media was abuzz with fans expressing their surprise at seeing the chaser in a different light – she was looking unrecognisable without her iconic Vixen specs and sleek hairdo.

Tweets poured in with one fan admitting: “I wouldn’t have recognised Jenny Ryan on this one but for the ever present name caption.” Another was equally baffled, tweeting: “I did not recognise [Jenny] at all there.”. Echoing the sentiment, someone else remarked: “Blimey didn’t recognise [her].”

And clearing up any confusion, another viewer questioned: “Please settle an argument, is Jenny Ryan on #OnlyConnect the same one of #TheChase fame? “.

Jenny looked completely different in an Only Connect episode from 2011
Jenny looked completely different in an Only Connect episode from 2011

Another chimed in, noting Jenny was “looking very different” from her usual self on the popular ITV quiz show The Chase.

And the tweets kept coming, with another fan expressing their shock: “Blimey, I didn’t recognise Jenny Ryan (aka The Vixen from The Chase) at first – she hasn’t got her trademark glasses and hairstyle.”

Meanwhile, a dedicated viewer added: “On tonight’s #OnlyConnect there is a Jenny Ryan. If it is the same Jenny as is in #TheChase then WOW! “.

Viewers were surprised to see Jenny on the 'Gamblers' team
Viewers were surprised to see Jenny on the ‘Gamblers’ team

Before the repeated episode aired, Jenny herself had given her Instagram followers a heads-up about her appearance on the nostalgic episode, sharing a throwback snap and captioning it: “POV: It’s 2011 and your #OnlyConnect team are fighting to be crowned the champion of champions.”

Before becoming The Vixen on The Chase, Jenny showcased her impressive trivia skills on Weakest Link Fifteen to One, University Challenge and Mastermind, where she chose Buffy the Vampire Slayer as her specialist subject.

Jenny has been a formidable chaser on the Bradley Walsh-hosted show after joining in 2015. Since then, Jenny has gone on to appear in Celebrity MasterChef, and The X Factor: Celebrity in 2019.

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