The Greek city a £36 flight from Newcastle famed for sun and sea

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For example, a quick SkyScanner search for flights from Newcastle to Chania next month brings up a direct flight from Ryanair for just £36 on May 27. So if you’re interested in booking flights, make sure you check out SkyScanner first.

And if Chania sounds like a bit of you, we’ve compiled some of the best things you can do on the glorious Greek hotspot below.

Relax at the Old Venetian Harbour –

The Old Venetian Harbour of Chania is made up of two basins. The western basin is lined with restaurants, shops and small hotels, while the eastern basin is packed with private leisure and fishing boats. There’s also the Firkas Fortress which plays host to the Nautical Museum of Chania, while a replica of an old Minoan Ship can also be spotted.

There’s also a landmark lighthouse which can be seen from the harbour which has been listed as an archaeological site of Greece since 1962.

Take a tour of the Greek National Football Museum –

It may look more like a shop than a museum due to its small size, but this museum holds over 2,000 pieces of football memorabilia. You’ll find shirts signed from Franz Beckenbaeur, Johan Cryuff, Lionel Messi and even Ronaldo – as well as match balls pennants and tickets from important games.

A must-see for all football fans.

Get lost in stunning streets –

Chania is well known for its beautiful streets and plazas that run through the city – surrounded by stunning architecture, bright buildings and an abundance of greenery. Why not take a stroll in amazement, find a nice cafe to have a coffee, or pick up traditional trinkets and hand-made gifts from vendors far and wide?

Feast on fancy foods –

If you’re visiting Greece, then you should be sure to make the most of the traditional dishes on offer. Sure, we may think that we’ve tried authentic Grecian cuisine on home soil, but nothing compares to the real thing. Why not try local dishes like Taramasalata, Dolmades, Moussaka and Baklava?

Bask on the beach –

Greeka say that there are 45 beautiful beaches surrounding Chania, so there’s sure to be plenty to accommodate all tones and moods. See breath-taking views of Crete on the Elafonisi, enoy a clear water breeze at the Balos, catch summer vibes at the Agioi Apostoloi, or kick back on the popular Golden Beach.

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