The One Show’s Jermaine Jenas forced to intervene as Alex Jones makes on air blunder

Alex Jones was left confused as she made a blunder on The One Show on Wednesday (24 April), with her co-host Jermaine Jenas stepping in to correct her. The TV presenter was introducing the popular BBC One show when she appeared to have forgotten what day of the week it was.

Alex, 47, and Jermaine, 41, were joined on the sofa by singer Will Young and actress Imelda Staunton. Alex enthusiastically introduced them both to viewers, before exclaiming: “What a lovely combo for a Thursday!”

Former professional footballer Jermaine then jumped in and corrected her. He added: “Al…it’s Wednesday. Just so you know.”

Alex Jones Jermaine Jenas
Alex Jones was corrected by her co-host Jermaine Jenas after making a blunder on The One Show

Alex then told viewers: “…or a Wednesday!” Will, 45, admitted he hadn’t noticed her mistake, and insisted: “Well spotted! I didn’t catch that.”

The group laughed, with Alex telling her co-host it was simply “wishful thinking” on her behalf. Will then stepped in again, saying Wednesday is known as ‘Hump Day’.

Alex said: “Yes, Happy Humpday.” Jermaine then quipped: “This is going where I didn’t expect it to go!”

Alex Jones Jermaine Jenas
The hosts laughed off the mistake

Alex’s blunder comes after she discovered a brand new thing in common with model Abbey Clancy during an interview on The One Show. On Tuesday night’s episode (April 23) of the hit BBC show, Abbey, 38, was a guest, alongside Chris O’Dowd.

Chris was promoting his new show The Big Door Prize, which is about a sleepy American town that becomes the owner of a mysterious machine which reveals people’s full potentials and the lives they ought to be living, by printing their ideal future on a piece of paper. During the segment, each of the guests discussed what they would want the piece of paper to say.

Host Alex boldly confessed: “Oh god, I want to be…an old lady with lots of cats and plates and antiques.” As her co-stars laughed, she later revealed that the number of plates in her possession was “a lot” – prompting Abbey to confess her love of plates too.

During the segment, Abbey confessed she shared Alex's unusual obsession with plates
During the segment, Abbey confessed she shared Alex’s unusual obsession with plates

Recalling one recent dream in particular, Abbey said: “I have dreams about plates. My husband painted Portuguese plates. I was having this dream one day and my husband woke me up and I was just about to get this plate off the wall. I didn’t even get to look at it because he woke me up. I was fuming! I didn’t even see the plate!”

Clearly shocked at having found someone that shared her obsession, Alex then declared: “She’s more obsessed with them than I am!” prompting the model to sheepishly admit: “I love them.”

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