The superb Spanish city a £38 flight from Newcastle famed for golden beaches and scenery

Many people will be itching to get away on holiday, and with very little in terms of sunshine and scorching days on British soil, we really wouldn’t blame anyone for booking up for some fun in the sun. Just imagine how a cold sangria in the sun would be right about now? Or basking on beautiful golden beaches.

If you’re tempted to pack your bags and book up any minute now, we would recommend using one of the internet’s various search engines to compare prices before splurging on the first deal you see. One of the most popular places that tourists check out for the best deals is SkyScanner – as it compares flights from the likes of TUI, Jet2, Ryanair, British Airways and much more, before showing you the cheapest.

For example, a quick SkyScanner search for flights from Newcastle to Malaga next month brings up a direct flight from Ryanair for just £38 on May 7. So if you’re interested in booking flights, make sure you check out SkyScanner first.

And if Malaga sounds like a bit of you, we’ve compiled some of the best things you can do on the stunning Spanish hotspot below.

Visit the Alcazaba –

Malaga Alcazaba is dubbed ‘one of the most beautiful Alcazabas that you can visit in Spain’ – sitting on the slopes of the stunning Gibralfaro mountain. Constructed during the Middle Ages, this Moorish fortress still spans 15,000 square meters, although it is thought that the area was more than double this in the past.

Not only is the Alcazaba a sight to behold with rich history to it, but it also offers stunning views of Malaga and the Spanish coast – so sightseers should certainly add it to their list of things to do.

Take in Malaga Cathedral –

Malaga Cathedral
Malaga Cathedral

Constructed between 1528 and 1782, the Cathedral of Malaga is a Roman Catholic church in the centre of Andalusia. It boasts medieval Moorish walls and is in the style of Renaissance architecturally. A towering building which is picture perfect both inside and out, you’ll struggle to miss it from anywhere across the city – but it hits differently up close, so be sure to swing by and take it all in.

Wander the Museo del Automóvil y la Moda –

Cars and fashion – what’s not to like? The Automobile and Fashion Museum of Malaga is said to house the private collection of Portuguese motor fanatic Joao Magalhaes, and with a value of around 25 million euros, you know you’re going to see some all-time classics.

The collection consists of more than 80 vintage and modern cars – as well as fashionable travel memorabilia from the 20s to the 50s to keep those who aren’t motorheads content.

Bask on beautiful beaches –

There are plenty of beaches in Malaga
There are plenty of beaches in Malaga

If you’re after a spot of basking on the beach, then the Spanish coast is hard to be topped – and Malaga has an abundance of golden sands to explore. Get lost on the 3.500-metre long San Julian beach, parade the promenade of the Misericordia, kick back on a sun lounger at the La Caleta, or make memories at La Malagueta.

Tuck into fantastic foods –

Spain is best known for its food and drink, and Malaga is a prime place to chow down on traditional tastes of the country. Why not tuck into delicacies like sardine skewers, Ajoblanco, fine shells, or Porra antequerana while basking in the spring sunshine?

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