The Wey Aye LEGO Man 2024: Lego themed photographs taken by neurodiverse artists exhibited

The Wey Aye LEGO Man 2024 photography exhibition and opening party took place on Friday evening

Lego themed photographs taken by neurodiverse artists are being exhibited in Newcastle.

‘Wey Aye LEGO Man 2024’ is a collection of Lego man themed photography taken by 41 neurodiverse people from across the region. The youngest artist to contribute is 10 years old and the oldest are in their 60s.

It has been organised by Ngage North East Ltd, a community engagement service provided by New Beginnings North East.

The Wey Aye LEGO Man 2024 photography exhibition and opening party took place at the John Marley Centre in Scotswood on Friday evening. The money raised from the event will be used to develop a community allotment, based in Walker.

Rachel Spencer, Director of Ngage, told Chronicle Live: “One of the reasons we did this exhibition is we really wanted to break through into the art world for people with neurodiversity because it’s a really sort of niche market and it’s really difficult for those people exhibiting tonight to actually be able to show their work in a gallery setting.

“All the money raised tonight is going to go to the Ngage community allotment, which is a fantastic green space in the middle of Walker, that a lot of our artists use. It’s a really special space, we actually won best community plot in Newcastle last year and we really want to develop it further.

Fellow organiser Mark, who works with Rachel, said: “All the pictures in the exhibition have Lego men or Lego mini figures in them and we’ve done a range of different techniques like long exposure, light painting and also high speed water splash effects. For some of the people with limited mobility we’ve done AI generated photography. So there’s a whole range of different techniques and skills on show here tonight.”

He added: “Lego is such a universal thing, everyone loves Lego and it’s such a brilliant way for neurodiverse people to communicate with each other. So every single picture is like a window into the artist’s mind. So you get to see the world through their eyes with the language of Lego.”

The evening offered entertainment, light refreshments, and the opportunity to meet and converse with like-minded LEGO enthusiasts and local artists.

Following the opening party, the Wey Aye LEGO Man photography exhibition will be on display for a week at the same venue.

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