This Morning’s Josie Gibson ‘desperately wants to find love’ after seeing Alison Hammond with new man

As Josie Gibson’s career goes from strength to strength – including presenting on This Morning and being the new face of Iceland – it seems like there’s one very important thing missing from her life.

Josie, who is a single mum to five year old son Reggie, is now reportedly on the hunt for romance ever since her This Morning co-star Alison Hammond was pictured looking head over heels.

“Josie desperately wants to find love too, it’s all she’s ever wanted. She’s got her dream job on This Morning but her real hope is to settle down,” a source said.

Josie is reportedly looking for love, just like her This Morning co-star
Josie is reportedly looking for love, just like her This Morning co-star

“She’s so happy for Alison and is hoping that this guy is the right one. Seeing Alison happy does make Josie want the same for herself.”

It’s no secret that Josie – who shot to fame on Big Brother back in 2010 – has had her fair share of heartache. But, currently, Josie is believed to be single since parting ways with Terry, her ex and father to her son Reggie-James. The pair began their romance in 2017 and welcomed their child in 2018.

The star’s romantic history also includes a stint with her Big Brother housemate John James Parton, whom she dated for nearly a year after the show ended.

And now with 49 year old Alison Hammond’s undeniable chemistry with toyboy and Russian masseur David Putman, it has shown Josie what she’s been missing, according to a source.

Alison went public with her relationship
Alison went public with her relationship

“Josie would love to double date with Alison and have them both find their happily ever after,” our source continued. “They’ve both had such similar experiences so she’s hoping that this it it for Alison and hopefully it will be or her too.”

Alison’s new man was revealed as David Putman after reports surfaced that the former Big Brother contestant has forged a close bond with a towering 6ft 10in Russian masseur.

He is believed to be around two decades younger than Alison, and is both an aspiring model and dancer, and the TV star has been seen commenting on David’s posts as she left a love heart eye emoji on one of his recent uploads. David is also said to be a Brighton resident who takes pride in his Russian roots and believed to be in his early to mid-20s.

Alison was pictured with her new man David
Alison was pictured with her new man David

Just a matter of weeks ago, there was also a buzz about Josie’s love life after she was seen hand in hand with TV’s Stephen Mulhern outside the BBC Studios. But in an exclusive chat with <OK!>, the I’m A Celeb contestant confirmed they’re “just friends” and there’s no “romance in the air.”

However, Josie also lifted the lid on how guarded she can be when it comes to relationships. The 39 year old said: “People must think I’m a right goer. I’m not like that. To be with somebody or to even kiss somebody, I’ve really got to love them.

“I’ve really got to really be into them. I can’t give my energy over when I’m not completely into it. You know when you get that magic connection? For me it only comes around like once every seven years or eight years.”

Josie has been guarded in the past when it comes to love
Josie has been guarded in the past when it comes to love

Now, with rumours swirling that Alison has “never been happier” and has found “a trusted companion” with partner David, Josie is encouraging her fellow TV star to take things slow, according to a source.

“Alison is really happy with her new man, she kept it from everyone at the beginning though,” they said. “She told everyone he was just a friend because she didn’t want the publicity or to spook him off, especially as he isn’t in the showbiz world.”

Alison is known for keeping her cards close to her chest when it comes to her personal life and has even spoken publicly about her comfort with solitude.

Josie couldn't be happier for Alison
Josie couldn’t be happier for Alison

On an episode of Gyles Brandreth’s podcast Rosebud released last year, she confessed: “I absolutely love my own company. I have no problem being on my own, in fact, I really quite like it. I think that’s the reason why I struggle in some relationships because I don’t want somebody around me all the time. I actually love being on my own. I’m okay with it. I’ve never felt lonely.”

But as things heat up with David, friends are thought to be encouraging her to take a leaf out of her own book.

“There’s a few friends that are a bit worried and are just hoping it’s the right one,” the source claimed. “Josie in particular was surprised because Alison kept it so secret, but is now pleased that she is happy. That’s all she wants for her really.

“She’s just protective and hoping that he’s the right guy because Alison hasn’t had much luck in the past.”

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