TikToker Goes Viral for Reading Taylor Swift Lyrics in MF DOOM’s Voice

TikTok user @voiceturtle has gone viral after he shared a pair of videos reading lyrics from Taylor Swift’s new album in the voice of the late great MF DOOM.

In a clip shared earlier this week, the TikToker scored a viral hit after he used his DOOM impression to read one of the most-talked-about Tortured Poets Department lyrics over the “All Caps” beat. The lyrics come from the track “So High School,” in particular, which showed up on the Anthology version of the album.

“Truth, dare, spin bottles / You know how to ball, I know Aristotle,” the TikToker rapped the lyrics, garnering over 500,000 likes in just days. “Brand-new, full throttle / Touch me while your bros play Grand Theft Auto / It’s true, swear, scouts honor.”

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