Usher Tells Hilarious Story of Son Stealing His Phone to DM PinkPantheress

Usher, 45, became curious last week when he noticed DMs being exchanged between his account and someone with a profile picture of Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls.

“I open it and I’m like oh this boy done DMd this girl from my damn phone,” he wrote. 

Usher ended up reaching out to PinkPantheress to apologize for Naviyd’s “excitement,” but she not only took the entire situation in stride, but she invited them to her show. 

The eight-time Grammy-winner said he initially pretended as if Naviyd would not be allowed to see her show “because he did the MOST just to connect with her on my account.”

He explained to the British artist via DM, “I had to send him considering his level of dedication and creativity…to figure out getting your attention through stealing my phone…that’s commitment. Hopefully you guys get to link.”

As Usher hoped, the two managed to meet up. Naviyd’s profile pic is now a photo of him and PinkPantheress.

View news Source: https://www.complex.com/music/a/jose-martinez/usher-son-naviyd-stealing-phone-dm-pinkpantheress

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