X Factor star reveals son’s devastating health struggle: ‘As parents we were in denial’

Sam Bailey, crowned winner of The X Factor in 2013, has opened up about her personal heartache over her son’s health struggle. The 46 year old became a household name after winning the 10th series of the ITV reality show, and has become a respected professional singer and theatre star over the last decade.

But now she’s shared an update on her personal struggle at home while dealing with her teenage son Tommy’s health diagnosis. The 14 year old was diagnosed with autism and dyspraxia in 2020 and Sam has been fighting to get him and their family the right help and support ever since, she revealed.

Speaking to GB News, mum-of-three Sam explained the youngster’s transition from primary to secondary school was especially challenging for the family, and said Tommy “really, really struggled” with school.

OK! 1254 EXCLUSIVE Sam Bailey at home
Sam has been fighting for her family since their son Tommy received an autism diagnosis

“I knew the transition from primary school to secondary school was going to be difficult for him,” she told the TV channel. “And I think as parents we were kind of in denial that there was anything untoward that was different or anything and we were told that he would really struggle and to get a diagnosis.”

Sam said the family were fortunate enough to be able to take Tommy for a private diagnosis, but was then left struggling trying to “prove that he can’t be in a mainstream school”. “He would bang his head against a wall” she continued. “He really, really struggled at school.”

In December, Sam also revealed Tommy had suffered “several seizures”, so was wearing an epilepsy watch to help monitor it. Writing on her Instagram, she said: “We don’t know what has caused them, we don’t know when another one will happen. We have all done research on seizures and have had lots of advice.

Sam Bailey's son Tommy
Sam shared a difficult update on her son Tommy in December 2023

“Trying not to be “google doctors” but it’s so difficult when you don’t know what is causing your son so have these horrendous seizures so suddenly. I wish to thank the ambulance crews and doctors that have been amazing with him.. let’s hope we get some answers soon.”

Speaking to GB News, Sam said Tommy ended up staying out school for around 18 months, and also heartbreakingly admitted he had even threatened to take his own life as he struggled to cope.

“So it was a really, really tough time and I went to the doctors on my own and said to the doctors, ‘I’m really concerned about my son’. I said ‘I’m really concerned about my son, because of how he’s been’. I was like, you know, he’s saying some stuff and they said that ‘we can’t deal with this’.”

Sam Bailey
Sam’s performances on X Factor won her an army of loyal fans

Sam said she was turned away by the GP, and advised to go to the National Autistic Society, the UK’s biggest charity helping families and individuals with autism diagnoses. “There needs to be autism outreach and they turned me away. I’ve got a letter to say that the GP turned my son away because he was feeling low and told us to go to the National Autistic Society. I was absolutely baffled by it.”

Sam is also currently backing the Children’s Activities Week campaign, hoping to raise money and awareness for other families dealing with neurodiverse children.

For more information visit: https://childrensactivitiesweek.co.uk/activity-search/

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