Ye Calls Kai Cenat an Industry Plant, Slams Him for Mentioning Daughter’s Name: ‘That Don’t Make God Happy’

Kanye West is still at odds with Kai Cenat.

“If you posting something negative, you sit on the wrong side of the future ‘cause we out here stepping away from Adidas,” Ye told Justin LaBoy on The Download. The Donda rapper then mentioned Cenat by name and call him an “industry plant,” adding, “He gonna talk shit about my pants.”

“So he’s an industry plant?” LaBoy asked.

“Of course!” Ye exclaimed. “That exact genre is the most industry plants. It’s about influence and mind control. And then he gonna mention my daughter’s name a week later. N***a, don’t mention my daughter’s name and then you dissing what’s paying they $200,000 a month child support. … Don’t mention this and then mention my daughter name. It be that kinda shit where I’m like that don’t make god happy.”

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