Ye Says the ‘Elimination of Drake’ Has Everyone ‘Excited’ and ‘Energized’ While Talking “Like That” Remix

In another clip from the interview, the full version of which is expected to be released soon, Ye refers to Universal Music Group CEO Lucian Grainge as Drake’s “rich baby daddy.” In his “Like That” remix, Ye tells Drake, a UMG artist, to “serve your master,” like so:

Where’s Lucian? Serve your master, n***a
You caught a little bag for your masters, didn’t ya?
Lifetime deal, I feel bad for n***as

Elaborating on that line in his conversation with Laboy, Ye made sure to make the “rich baby daddy” comparison multiple times. He also argued that Drake “signed his soul to the devil to not be cool with me” after the two initially seemed to be on good terms again circa their joint Free Larry Hoover Benefit event.

“Drake has a rich baby daddy named Lucian and Universal,” Ye said. “He’s like, you know, ‘Man, my daddy got it. My daddy control the spins. My daddy got the DSPs. Drake has a rich baby named Lucian.”

View news Source: https://www.complex.com/music/a/tracewilliamcowen/ye-elimination-of-drake

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