Yesjulz Explains Why Ye and Adin Ross Livestream Never Happened

Ross has not responded to YesJulz’s claims as of press time. 

Ye, on the other hand, recently dissed popular streamer Kai Cenat on an appearance on The Download with Justin Laboy. The Chicago rap legend mentioned Cenat and called him an industry plant for comments he made against him. 

“That exact genre is the most industry plants,” Ye said. “It’s about influence and mind control. And then he gonna mention my daughter’s name a week later. N***a, don’t mention my daughter’s name and then you dissing what’s paying they $200,000 a month child support. … Don’t mention this and then mention my daughter name. It be that kinda shit where I’m like that don’t make god happy.”

Last month, Cenat criticized a selection of Yeezy clothing that was sent to him in a livestream where he said, “N***a! Bro, this shit is not fitting me, bro! Bro, you supposed to send a extra extra small…. not an extra extra large! The fuck am I supposed to do with this shit?”

Ye caught wind of Cenat’s comments and fired back a response in which he claimed the streamer was being “controlled” and criticized him for not saying anything about Adidas. Days after that, Cenat announced to his followers that North West told him he was her favorite streamer, mentioning Ye in the process. 

“North told me that I’m her favorite streamer or content creator,” Cenat said. “And that’s huge, bro. I literally don’t know if Ye knows who I am and what I do.”

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